Happy New Year 2013

We are  Wishing You Happy Holidays


Yebbo Communication Network and Ethiotrans.com want to wish you Happy New Year and Happy Holidays. In 2013 we are ready to serve you by redesigning our old web sites and adding new websites to cater the ever growing demand of more service requests feedback from you. Some of the highlights  in the coming years are:re.

1. YebboVacations (NEW) 

By partnering with Delta Vacations, United Vacations  and AeroMixoco Vacations  we are provinding the following services.unique packages

Delta VacationsWith Delta Vacations Your honeymoon is meant to be one of the most romantic vacations of your life, so make it the trip of a lifetime by traveling with Delta Vacations. You’ll discover top-of-the-line honeymoon resorts in unparalleled destinations, plus, you can enjoy the beautiful ocean, soothing sunshine, and pampering for two amidst a rich panorama of tropical scenery, where you’ll get the chance to relax and connect with each other as you begin your life together.

United Vacation By YebboVacationsUnited Vacations® offers some of the most luxurious resorts in Mexico, the Caribbean, Hawaii, Las Vegas, and Costa Rica to help make your wedding the most perfect day of your life and your honeymoon the most romantic.

AeroMexicoAeromexico Vacations offers some of the most luxurious resorts in Mexico and Costa Rica to help make your wedding the most perfect day of your life and your honeymoon the most romantic. Our luxury package ensure the personalized attention and sophisticated style you deserve with a luxury vacation package from Aeromexico Vacations. From the moment you make your reservation, to the minute you return home, you can expect the finest service and exceptional hospitality.

2. AfricanExpress (NEW)

Let us show you Africa in Express way. By Partnering with Ethiopian Airlines African Journeys we can take you to Africa in express way. Our packages includes Safari and Tour packages to Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, South Africa, Seychelles, Egypt, Israel, France, UK, Germany, Turkish, China, Japan, Australia and much more. For more info click here    

3. Yebbo.com (ReDesigned)

Yebbo.comAfter 10 years of listening to our custom’s feedback and suggestions we are ready to serve you more in 2013. Now we are more becoming “One Stop Global Business Center”. Means you can finish your errands easily and quickly. Now we have Passport & Visa Photo services, Notary Public, Apostle, Document  Authentication, Faxing and Coping, Stamp, Print and Design and the New service Fingerprinting  and LiveScan (partnering with Priority Scan ) and much, much more. For more info please visit us on line at www.yebbo.com   

4. Ethiotrans.com (Redesigned)

Ethiotrans is ready to serve you well. Now we are expanding our language access program. By partnering with world elite language professionals,  now we  have access  to more than  4000 language pros and can cover more than 150 languages. Now you can join our team or we can serve you in various language related services. If you have projects such as translation, court or medical interpretation, voice over, subtitling, multilingual desk top publishing, web site design, software localization, globalization and other services let us know. For more info please visit us Ethiotrans.com





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