A photo for practical purpose by YebboPhotos! It takes only 5 mints

A photo for practical purpose

Well, we are not  a glamor photo studio, fashion photographer, photojournalist or press photographer. We do not edit, retouch, glamorize or decorate your picture/s. No! That is a no- no in our line of business. Our aim is to capture you as “you!” No more, no less. That is it! We want to show you as you are in your normal facial expression.  Please no blinking, no smiling, no frowning, no crying or no other sort of crazy gestures. We don’t want you to wear excessive make ups, have an oily face or wear your fancy huts. No! Also, we don’t want you to wear over size dangling earrings, fancy eyeglasses or designer head wraps.  Here they are not  permitted.

In our line of business,  we are required to take your picture just “plain”.  Here, you will not see a nice fake backdrop like the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Gold Gate bridge in San Francisco, a water fall from Niagara Falls or Time Square  shoot from New York City. We will not add an illusion to your photos like fake blue sky, digital land escape or you will not hug a Teddy Bear or surrounded by digital zoo animals. In our studio there will be you, light, white background, chair, the camera and the photographer . Even we don’t say “Say cheese” because opening your mouse is not allowed. We will not make a squeaky noise to make you smile or even we will not try to tell you have a bit smile.

But, we will tell you, seat straight, look straight, chin up, do not blink, do not open your mouse, no smiling and stay put. Yes, because we are not taking a picture for your photo album but we are taking a picture that will take you from here to there. A picture that will let you travel all over the world without someone asking you “That does not look like you”. We are Global Passport and Visa Photo place.

We are the #1 global passport and visa photo place taking pictures that will meets or exceeds government guidelines for various countries in the world, such as America, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Chili, Guam, Ethiopia, Kenya, Nigeria, Iran, Iraq, Germany, UK, France, Austria, Australia, New Zealand, Burma, Sweden, Belgium , South Africa, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Eritrea, Ivory coast, China, Vietnam, Sudan, Tanzania, Chili, Argentina, France, Greece, Turkey and more countries in the world.

We carefully studied and still studying the rules and guidelines about each country passport and visa pictures. Every day we get new requests and we expand our services and products based on customer requests. Also we take pictures for professional application and ID cars such as for fire arm permit, notary public permit, doctor’s license, nursing licensee , Podi cab licensee, taxi license, physical therapy licensee, state bar license and other purposes.

Simply we are a place where you take a photo for a practical purpose.

We will not make you smile just one second but we will make you smile for life

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