Yebbo Communications Network is a one stop global business center serving the global since 1999 Yebbo has been serving the San Diego and global community in various areas. We are a small company with a huge global presence offering hard to find local and international services and products to the global community for more since 1999.
We use the term “global” not because it is a cliche but because our clients and vendors are positioned all over the world. Our business model is based on “dynamic” principle. That means we expand our services and products based on customer’s demand and feedback. At this time we have more than 70 kind of services. However, to eliminate the confusion, we’ve tailored all our services into five main categories.
They are:

  • Engineering
  • Language and Localization
  • Travel and Tours
  • Print and Design
  • Consulting

Currently we are adding more valuable services  to our local community

These are

Income Tax Preparation

Covered California Certified Enrollment  Entiy and Certified Enrollment Counselor


Wikilina or the Ethiopian Power of Attorney

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