Here are the stepes how I can help you to enroll you in Covered California and steps how you can delegate me


Hello! This is Amde your  Certified Enrollment Counselor , if you are in San Diego there are two options I can assist you.

Option One. Call me at 619 255 5530 or stop by my office which is located at 4535 30th Street #106 San Diego, CA 92116

Option Two. If you have user name and password for Covered California  do one of this to delegate  me

1. Click on the link here

2. Enter the zip code = 92116

3. Choose Yebbo Communication Network

4.  Click on Show Certified Enrollment Counselors

5.  Choose Amdework Mitiku

6. You will see this page

7. Click on Continue (Yellow Button)

8. Agree on the three things

9.  Submit

10.  Confirm

I will receive your request and will assist you from my end



Getting Financial Assistance through Covered California

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Covered California Open Enrollment from Nov 15, 2014- Feb 15, 2015

cecCovered California Open Enrollment from Nov 15, 2014-  Feb 15, 2015 .

ከቨርድ ካሊፎርንያ (Covered California) ምዝገባ ተጀምርሯል። ማሳሰቢያ፥ የከቨርድ ካሊፎርንያ የጤና ኢንሹራን ምዝገባ ተጀምሯል። አሁኑኑ ተመዝገቡ እንዳያመልጥዎ። ምዝገባው ከNov. 15, 2014 እስከFeb.15, 2015 ሲሆን አሁኑኑ ሳያመልጥዎ ይመዝገቡ። የቦ ኮሙኒኬሽን ኔትዎርክ ይህንን አገልግሎት ለህብረተሰባችን ለመስጠት ልዩ ፋቃድ አግኝተን በመስራት ላይ ስለሆንወደ ቢሯችን ብቅ ይበሉ። ይህን አገልግሎት የምነሰጠው በነጻ ነው።