Entertainment and Advertizing
One of the areas we’ve explored in the last 10 years is bringing African goods and products to the global market though internet. Our e-commerce section tried to do its part by parenting with wholesales and manufactures. Our web site Little Africa is a showcase for African art, clothing, video, beauty products and jewelries. We have online and in store items.
As the world gets more connected so does the demand of communicating through videos and other digital forms. At Yebbo we do this by our video production team. We have video services that include video shooting, video editing, author DVD and produce DVD, CD and VCDS. Also we convert videos from PAL to NTSC and vice versa. We have VHS to DVD and VCD conversion service. For those customers who need video streaming we convert videos which are appropriate for Youtube, Facebook or their web site. Also we have voiceover, subtitling and dubbing services
Our advertising services also caters to online and imprint ads. We have a online radio and TV commercial voice over and video talent team in various languages and flavors. For more information please visit us online www.yebbo.com or call us 619 255 5530

4. Entertainment which include
At Yebbo we are
a. Video production
b. Video Editing
c. TV and Radio Commercial
d. Video Conversion
e. Audio production

and Advertising which include
a. Multilingual printing
b. Apparel imprint
c. Graphics Design
d. Multilingual Advertising
e. Publications
But remember this is just a partial list. If you need a service which is not listed here, just call us at 619 255 5530 that’s 619-255-5530 and we will do our best to meet your need.
Our network also includes passport pictures and visa’s for the UK, Mexico, Germany and offer passport and visa processing services while partnering with A Briggs passport and visa expeditors. Our Canadian passport pictures meet or exceeds government guidelines. Through our Notary public we are insured and bonded. Our commission expires in 2012. Our notary public speak Amharic & Spanish as well as English.
In regards to travel, we sell Luftanza airline tickets as well as Emirates airlines, British airways, delta airlines, Ethiopian airlines & several domestic and international airline tickets. We cover mostly African & Asian destinations. We also have African Safari & tour packages. Let Yebbo communication provide you with all of your global business needs by calling us at 619-255-5530 that’s 619-255-5530 or visit us online at yebbo.com.

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