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San Diego Celebrated one of the best Ethiopian Millennium in the world  

Sep 9, 2007. San Diego.

 San Diego Celebrated one of the best Ethiopian Millennium in the world. After more than 6 months of preparation and years of thinking and planning the San Diego Ethiopian Millennium was one of the best Ethiopian Millennium celebration in the world. The celebration opened by Millennium Blessing and  the talent show and the traditional Ethiopian New-year greeting passing the fresh bloom yellow flower “Enkutatash”  to the elders by the kids, the Ethiopian traditional coffee ceremony, talent show and the poem competition were some of the highlights at the day event.


The night event was a sold out event people drove all  as far as from Las Vegas and Los Angeles to be part of  one of the life time experience in their life. A record number of spectators were packed the WorldBeat  Center performance center which was opened by the legend Reggae group all the way from Jamaica “ The Mediations”. After the meditation was stage was bloomed by the Ethiopian sensations Abby Lakew and Mesfin Yetesha.


The event was live broadcasted all over the world via a



  Ethiopian Millennium Celebration Live from the World Beat Center (Live)

 Watch Ethiopian Millennium Celebration Live

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It’s a known fact that Ethiopians will be celebrating their own Millennium on September 12, 2007 according Ethiopia’s unique calendar. Millions of People in Ethiopia and their friends are planning to celebrate this holiday in grand fashion. People from all over the world will be flocking to the country to experience it first hand.

Ethiopians living aboard that won’t be making this pilgrimage are planning to welcome and celebrate the millennium wherever they are. We, interested individuals living in San Diego, have decided to form a committee that will organize the celebration of this major event with the purpose of bringing all Ethiopians and their friends together in this beautiful city of San Diego.

 The Ethiopian Millennium celebration committee plans to hold a day long festival on September 8 that will include, talent shows, poetry competitions, cultural shows that will reflect Ethiopia’s diverse ethnic groups, food, music and entertainment. 

 The committee invites all Ethiopians and interested individuals, businesses, religious & non-profit organizations etc. to join hands in celebrating this important once in a millennium event. We believe this event is a time to put our differences aside and celebrate our differences together. Let’s show the world what it means to be an Ethiopian.

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What is going on here in San Diego? Glad you ask! The San Diego Ethiopian Millennium Celebration Organizing Committee has been working hard for  the last  6 months to bring one of the best Ethiopian Millennium  Celebration in US. The Ethiopian Millennium Celebration will be held  on Saturday  Sep, 8, 2007 at the Worldbeat Center which is located at the world famous Balboa Park. The celebration will be  whole day event starting from 12:00 PM till 2:00 AM.

The day event will be opened for all ages and will have opening ceremony, the millennium blessings, kids millennium greetings,   talent show,  Millennium idol, slide show and  other activities. The evening show will start from 8:00 PM till 2:00 AM. At this event,  there will be performers from across the country. Abby Lakew the young Ethiopian sensation, Mesfin Yetesha the one man band  and “The Meditations” the famous trio reggae band will be performing live from the Worldbeat Center. Also the  night event will include  Ethiopian Fashion Show which will reflect the traditional Ethiopian dressing styles.

For more information about the event please visit or  and click on events.

The actual Ethiopian millennium will be on Sep 12, 2007


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