US President held talks with CEO of Ethiopian (press release)

H.E. President Barak H. Obama and Group CEO of Ethiopian Airlines Mr. Tewolde GebreMariam held  discussions at Bole International Airport beside the B787 Dreamliner Aircraft.

The President was very happy to see the Boeing 787 Dreamliner in Ethiopian flag and he thanked Ethiopian Airlines for being a very good longtime customer of Boeing and the USA. He said he has visited the factories in which they are made.He asked for the number of B-787 Dreamliners’ ET operates and Ato Tewolde  replied to the President that Ethiopian has 13 in service and 8 on order.obama_1 (2)


They also discussed on the performance of the B-787 Dreamliners. Our group CEO explained as follows: 

·       Very popular among customers,

·       More humidity in the air which reduces fatigue and dryness,

·       Largest windows in the air,

·       Quietest airplane in its category,

·       Saves 20% fuel burn from other airplanes in its category,

       ·       Most environmental friendly airplane.

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There was also discussions in  honor of Colonel Robinson and in recognition to what he has done for Ethiopia and the Ethiopian people. Ethiopian Airlines has decided to name one of its airplanes after him.


The president was interested to know the most profitable routes in relation to Ethiopian’s vast network. Group CEO briefed him mentioning some examples including Washington DC, Beijing, Shanghai, Changzhou, Hong Kong, Luanda  etc..


Ato Tewolde further explained to H.E. President Obama that Ethiopian is flying to 91 international destinations in five continents, (Washington DC and Los Angeles in the USA and Toronto in Canada, 52 destinations in Africa, 24 destinations in the middle East and Asia and 12 destinations in Europe).


Group CEO Ethiopian Airlines has also emphasized  on intensifying further the already on- going efforts to re-open the USA Exim Bank as it is ET’s main guarantor of the loans used to purchase  Boeing Airplanes.


Finally, President Obama congratulated Ethiopian Airlines for successfully running the largest airline in Africa.

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