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Our services are unique and essential. We choose and expand our services based on customer feedback. Our business plan is customer-driven, which means we can add or drop services based on our customer’s feedback. When we started more than 10 years ago, taking a passport picture or notarizing a document was not in our original plan, but we listened to our customers’ needs and feedback and added those services. Now, we are the #1 Canadian Passport picture taker in Southern California. Some of our customers drive more than 50 miles to get our service and products. Additionally, local retail stores such as Kinko’s, Rite-Aid, Walgreens, Walmart, Costco, UPS, and others are sending us customers when they are not offering those services. In our global services, some of our clients are thousands of miles away and we have clients almost in all 7 continents, that’s why we say we are a one-stop Global Business Provider.

pictureWeb Designing
What makes us unique is that we have what other web development firms have plus what they don’t have. Like any other typical web developer, we support HTML, JAVA, PHP, CGH, PERL, C, C++, FLASH, SLIVER LIGHT, MOBILE WEB, and several programming languages and localize websites based on the client’s requirements. Additionally, we have access to more than 4000 language professionals and we support more than 150 languages. Most of the languages we support are hard to find, often referred to as “exotic languages.” We use our sister company to accommodate language support.
pictureOne stop Global Center
We are a request-driven company, which means we expand our services and products based on customer requests. Our goal is to create a one-stop global business center, and with the help of our customers, we are working towards achieving it. We offer a wide range of services, from copying a single page document to localizing a Fortune 500 company’s product.
pictureHow to merge technology and the rest.
We started our company as a gateway for information and gradually added more services. Now we offer more than 70 different services. To make it simple, we have grouped them into 5 main categories: Language, Engineering, Travel and Tour, Entertainment, and Ecommerce. We are currently working on merging these categories into a single entity. We are making significant progress in this effort.
pictureYou are our asset
At, we believe that people are our most valuable asset. Our business model is built around this concept, and as a result, our network of people is growing daily. We are a business for the people, by the people and we always looking for ways to engage with our customers and to incorporate their skills and talents in our business. By joining our rapidly growing network, you can be part of our innovative and customer-driven approach to business.

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