E- commerce the future is here
Let us take your business to its the next level: To the E- Commerce
At Yebbo we see things ahead of time. That is our strategy. You heard  about commerce ( electronics commerce) . But, have you asked how much of the world population participated on this phenomena? May be we don’t have a specific figure but we know that there are certain parts of the world eCommerce is not fully implements yet. So when it will be?
Well, Yebbo’s vision is not trying to invent the wheel, instead use the existing infrastructure and applying it in different parts of the world. In our eCommerce side, Africa is our future frontier. We are familiar with Africa. We been there. We know that, what will apply and what will not apply to Africa. We will go to Africa! If you have any plan to Africa follow us.
In addition to targeting Africa as a front frontier we also include the following categories as part of our eCommerce section.
Virtual Markato: This section of eCommerce will target Africa. We call it “Bringing African Market to the 21 Century”. To participate in this market you don’t have to be an African. We are opening our door for anyone who is interested in African products and services. From African truism to African products. If you think the Internet is matured, think again! It is just started. One thing we know, Internet is very young in Africa (when comparing with other countries) . Yebbo is looking active partners to implement our program in Africa. If you or your company has interest in Africa, please let us know, together we can make a difference.
Africa the next frontier!

for more info please visit virtual Merkato web site

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