he Amharic Software: It will allow you to write, edit and read Amharic
  HabeshaSoft (TM)
   ONLY $39.99+ S&HNow on Sale! for limited time
Hewan Amharic Software by Power Ge’ez  







This is one of the best Amharic software you can find on the market. It works side by side with most popular Amharic software. Built  based on  Unicode standard. Also it comes with Ethiopian and Gregorian calendar,  font converter, Unicode and non- Unicode fonts. Perfect software to write and read internet news and emails. Wonderful product for small business owners and individuals who want to create advertisings in Amharic. The best choice for people who are thinking to write book or a story. Perfect tool to chat, blog and to  design Amharic web sites. This software does not support VISTAYou need to have internal or external floppy drive!

This software supports both unicode and nonunicode applications

Buy it now  our Paypal address is info@ethiotrans.com

If you want to buy the software by mailPlease send check or money order for $79.99 + S&H ($5.00) Now on Sale only $39.99Payable to Ethiotrans

4535 30th Street #106

San Diego, CA 92176

Do you want to blog in Amharic, email in Amharic, post forum in Amharic, design your web site in Amharic, design your ad in Amharic or want to write a story or a book in Amharic? Well, our advice is get our Amharic software, it is  proven to work in various software application and operating systems


Coming soon, Print Amharic phrases on t-shirt

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